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Gong: A new show

We’re not crossing Auckland’s borders for a holiday and we’re not stopping our comedy shows, instead we’re adding a new show “Gong“. Ten, count them, ten comedy shows this month. January continues our series of comedy in Potters Park, Oro Glen Eden returns and there will be a gig at Oro’s new Onehunga branch. Mr Wang’ doesn’t seem to be opening soon so we’ll just move their gig to Potters Park.


Every Thursday from 6:30 starting 13 January.

Fast and furious open mic comedy where the comedians fight to avoid being gonged off by 4 randomly selected audience members.

Think of it as comedy as a blood sport. Hilarious fun is expected. Event Link.

Performers can sign-up here.

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Newsletter Jan 2022

One Mic Stand-up Schedule 01/2022

Hi everyone, welcome to our first newsletter. January continues our series of comedy in Potters Park, Oro Glen Eden returns and there will be a gig at Oro’s new Onehunga branch. Mr Wang’ aren’t sure if they are opening under “Red”, if they don’t we will just move the gig to Potters Park.


Park Comedy

Every Tuesday from 6:30 until 8 PM, but if there’s more people wanting to perform we’ll continue until sunset.
In Potters Park. Event Link.

Free Comedy, Mt Eden

Monday the 3rd. Our premier event. If they reopen in time it will be at Mr Wang’/Eden Gaming at 7:00 PM otherwise at Potters Park at 6:30. 90 minutes running time. Event Link.

Oro Comedy Club, Onehunga

Friday 14th at 7:00 to 8:30 PM. A new gig at our long term partner Oro’s new boutique cafe in Onehunga. Event Link.

Oro Comedy Club, Glen Eden

Friday 28th, 7:00 to 8:30 PM. At the original Oro in Glen Eden. Round off the weekend with them. Event Link.

Performer Sign-up

All these gigs are open mics and we welcome performers of all levels of experience, including those who have never performed before. Beginners can sign-up on the night if we have time, or can book in through our sign-up form.

NB: This form also contains the last two 2021 events to avoid double entry. Requests made in the 2021 form are still in the system so no need to repeat.

Sign up here

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2022 begins

We’ve set our programme for January 2022.

Monday 3rd, 6:30 PM: Our longest running monthly show returns. At time of writing we don’t know if Mr Wang’ will be open, or if we will be doing it in a park but either way we’ll be there doing comedy.

Every Tuesday, from the 4th to the 25 (and onward), 6:30 PM: Park Comedy at Potters park.

Fridays have two shows at 7:00 PM:

  • 14th at Oro Onehunga and
  • 28th at Oro Glen Eden

Looking forward to seeing you at them

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We’re Back

After 8 long weeks, live comedy returns to New Zealand and we will be there to entertain you.

The Covid-19 response closed all bars and clubs in New Zealand between late March 2020 & ⅔ of the way through May. Including us.

We’ve been doing live streamed comedy on the Internet during the downtime but we are so looking forward to performing in a real bar & with a tiny bit of luck we’ll be on stage at Mr Wang’ bar, 250 Dominion Road 7:30 PM on 8 June. Event details.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

News Shows

January 13, 2020

One Mic Stand-up is back for 2020 & proud to present our first open mic of the year on Monday 13 January starting at 7:30.

Around 10 comedians doing about 90 minutes of comedy. We currently have 15 comedians booked, but cancellations do happen.

Come along and laugh or if you feel brave, get up and try your hand at stand-up (time permitting).

Venue: Cross Bar, The Dominion. Corner of Dominion & Valley Roads



Welcome to One Mic Stand-up’s (OMS) new web site.

OMS was relaunched in mid 2019 and is currently providing a monthly free comedy show at the Cross Bar, part of the Dominion Hotel on the corner of Dominion & Valley roads in Auckland.

More to follow.