A few of our regular cast and crew.

Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith is an Auckland based comic who likes to whimsically dissect life with his unique perspective and sense of wit.
Vihan Dalal
Vihan Dalal has a different take on everyday stuff that people barely have the time to think about

DEATH is a keen social commentator with an unusual viewpoint and very eager to spread the message that DEATH doesn’t kill, just cleans up the mess afterwards “It’s my job, they die, I take them up the glowing tunnel to be reunited with deal relatives, usually …”
Joe O'Brien
Joe O’Brien, a self admitted American New Zealander who tells all about his family life with his child like in the moment mindset, ( immaturity ) what does that mean? He’s certifiable which makes him funny by default.
His jokes will make you laugh and his life stories may make you wee yourself just a bit.
Tessa Clement with Lolipop
Our regular duty producer Tessa Clement is often booked to perform and always there to fill in when required. She tells tales on past boyfriends, cats, and the danger of kiwifruit.
Julia Clement
Our regular MC Julia Clement is always happy to tell a joke or two (thousand). A consummate geek she loves telling jokes about the sex lives of slime moulds, Marvel comics, and stupid scientific names.
Arshad Depp
Arshad Depp is a Malaysian/NZ Stand up comedian currently based in Auckland. Stand Up comedy is fun/tough Genre to pursue, but it’s totally worth it. He usually talks about daily stuff, family drama and more.
A few of our regulars.